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Jul 04, 2017 · We seem to be witnessing a trend where AMT tweeters seem to be overtaking traditional domes as the go-to consumer speaker high frequency driver. In my limited experience with AMTs (Emotiva Airmotiv 4s and Legacy Studio HTs) they sound very good, but not necessarily better. I have heard that... Osu sensitivity converter resolution
It is a general (mis)conception that metal dome tweeters will always sound harsh compared to their soft dome opponents. The Revel Ultima Salon 2, you mentioned is a perfect example. In comparison: Dynaudio's highly regarded Esotar softdome tweeter could sound rough and unbearably harsh if used improperly.

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Re: ribbon vs. soft dome Ribbons sound crystal clear. with some music they are wonderful. you need a 18db or greater crossover or burnout can happen. for someones first highend system i would go with good morel or good scanspeak softdome tweeters. i have LCY 108 ribbons / Focal TLR tweeters and Morel soft domes MDT 40's in my current systems you would not be wrong with any of them.

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For maximum audio impact, your multichannel Onkyo receiver should be accompanied by a full-blooded surround-sound speaker set. Fitting the bill is the new SKS-HT870, a 7.1-channel system that injects power and vitality into all your movies, games, and music. The highlight, both visually and aurally, is a pair of dual-drive, floor-standing tallboy front speakers rated […]

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Dec 12, 2014 · Je ziet dan een dubbele constructie: onderaan 16 cm dome-speaker met een ‘ingedeukte’ conus en bovenaan een ronde tweeter van net geen drie centimeter én een ribbon-tweeter. Beide tweeters zijn gemonteerd in een cirkel die met vier schroeven aan de behuizing vastgeklonken is.

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The Benchmark SMS1 is an acoustic-suspension, two-way, compact loudspeaker. The basic model is priced at $2,450 per pair. It is designed with a 6.5-inch high-performance woofer and a 1-inch soft dome tweeter. Rated frequency response is 44 Hz to 22 kHz, plus or minus 3 dB. The crossover is centered at 3 kHz. Sensitivity is 88 dB.

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The narrow RAAL 70-10 ribbon tweeter is often voiced with the Accuton midrange drivers. C173-8-094 "value" C173-6-090 "new tech" The SB_Acoustics Satori drivers are considered fair priced highend products. Proven combination: 6½” SATORI MR16P-4 midbass with underhung motor 1.1" dome TW29RN for dynamics

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Tweeter ACR KH9 Dome Tweeter ACR KH 9 150 Watt Twiter. Rp 75.000. Kota TangerangSolid Jaya Elektronik. Tweeter ACR 702 Super Polymide Dome Tweeter 100 Watt 100W.

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Large and powerful enough to have surprising output and punch, but trim enough to fit easily into tight spaces, the N-Wave 580L desktop monitor system is comprised of two matched speaker cabinets. Each cabinet contains a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 5 ¼” woofer, blended together with an electronic crossover network.

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after listening to the "RAAL" tweeter, also known as the worlds best ribbon tweeter, in my new speakers, i came to some conclusions. this tweeters weak point is that it cannot reproduce the highest register, or the highest treble sounds. its strong point on the other hand, is its ability to accurately reproduce the sounds of the musical instruments.

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Jantzen JA-2806 silk dome tweeter – JA-2806-Softdome-Tweeter. Jantzen JDT-1024 diamond dome tweeter – JDT-1024-Diamond-Tweeter . JBL – specs, specifications, data, parameters, frequency response, impedance, watts, harmonic distortion. JBL D208H woofer – JBL D208H woofer. JBL 130H woofer – JBL 130H woofer

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• 1” Silk dome tweeter features lightweight neodymium magnets • 125 Watts of high-efficiency, low-distortion Class A/B amplification • Bi-amp Class A/B design ensures superior transient response and natural bass presence • Unique dual-axis WaveGuidanceVH™ technology and rear panel port

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